Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Practice of Storybook

I made this storybook by using Bookr and Flickr images to tell a funny story. I planned to present certain scenario with dialogues, which is funny. After having an idea of the story, I was trying to figure out how Bookr works but I found it difficult to find the pictures that I want when I made this storybook. I tried my best to search different key words and evaluate all the pictures I saw and selected the best relevant ones. Also, when I turned back and I lost my data, so I have to redo it again. Maybe what I learned is how to try new methods and do new things through error and trials and keep on trying and never give up.

I would like to ask my students to create storybooks to tell jokes from their culture, because humors are culturally-embeded. Other students can give feedbacks or comments to the story. Alternatively, they can tell a fable or illustrate an idiom or proverb. Hence, they can appreciate the values in other cultures or find the relevancy among cultures.  The linguistics objective is to enable students to describe a scenario by using a second language in a meaningful context. The pedagogical objective is to give students an opportunity to appreciate the humor and value in other culture by reading other students' jokes, fables and idioms.

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