Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Incubate Innovation

I read a bog on quantum progress, called Cal Newport provides the key for incubating innovation in students.

I found this blog really interesting as first I saw the title. I really what to find the missing key for "incubating innovation".  I like the metaphor key to indicate the solution and the way to nurture ideas and creativity. Plus, the author used alliteration for "incubating innovation", which sounds catchy.

I like the idea "metacogntition curriculum".  He designed a case study project, including interviews and writing. I think students can learn how to manage their learning process through experiencing and practicing. They are doing something that they choose and they are interested in. They may think and envision what it will be like and put lot of efforts into it. I agree with the idea that it is important to help student to "pursue activities that make their heart sing". Doing something with initiative may keep students motivated, because they are the owner of their project.  

I think this can also prevent procrastination to some extent. There always something that we like to do or we don’t like to do, like the food we like to eat or we don’t like. Even though we don’t like it, we have to eat it, because it is good for us or we need it. So is learning. If students are not motived or interested in the subject, it is easy to get procrastinated. From “to do” to “will do”, it is a change of attitude. Hence, as future teachers, why don't we start from students' interests. We can try to give them an opportunity to make a choice and manage their learning process. 


  1. As you have pointed out, when we are doing something that we really enjoy, we experience what gamers call "flow" and time passes without our even noticing it. So we as teachers should definitely try to tap into students' interests to keep them motivated to learn.

    1. Yes! I totally agree.. It can lower the affective filter, if students enjoy learning something they are interested in.. Also, they can take charge of their learning process.. -- Wen