Wednesday, September 26, 2012

What I Believe

Key words: Believe, Appreciation, Love

Whether you can succeed or not depends on whether you believe in it.
Beauty is everywhere, but sometimes we may not have the eye to appreciate it.
Be yourself, love everyone.
The road is what you choose and you have to go so don't regret.. the road is still there..that section is just hard to pass.. try different methods and keep on going as long as it is not the end..  follow the voice of the heart..

Learning is through experiencing.
Do what you love and love what you do.
All kids can be good kids and learn well, as long as the teacher can give good instruction.
All people are capable of learning from their environment.. We need to create the "right environment" for learning and "positive environment" to help to foster character in students..


Stay to connect with people that are smarter than us.
Try new things, experimental spirit, keep on growing and learning
If it is a crap, no need to cry for it. 
forgive and forget.


Like bible in western culture, our ancestors wrote those teachings
based on our behavior, which are our traditional values and social
norms. In a narrow sense, we are Chinese because we heard of some Chinese language or be able to read it, which does not mean we are real Chinese. If we really know it, we should understand the values and philosophies in them and employ them in daily practice. In broad strokes, real Chinese are those who abide by the good teachings in
our traditions perfectly. Hence, I can not say I am a real Chinese.

I am a normal person so I make mistakes, which is against the values as well. In this sense, I am not a real Chinese as well. However, I am still learning and improving myself
through practice and I am willing to face my problems and improve

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